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All Those Secrets of the World
by:Jane Yolen
Wiki-rific: WWW
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This story is about 4 year old Janie whos's dad had to go to war.She goe's with her family to Chesapeake bay area to say goodbye during world war two.laterher cousin Michel takes her to the beach in the dirty water. He teachs Janie that things look smaller when they are far away .You'll need to read this book to find out how Janieuses this secret of the world three years later.
Ilike this book because I like the pictures and I like picture books.My great grandpa went in world war two.My grandpa told me all about it.One time he shew me a shotgun!And my cousin on the Yoder side Natethan is a marine and I think he is nine teen.My favorite part is when Steve stoped his mom from huging his dad.This book is so funny.

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