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You're On Your Way Teddy Roosevelt
by: Judith St. George
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This story is about Teddy,Teddy's father and Teddy's mother. Teddy was a fine boy who had alot of asthma attacks and alot of nightmares. When he was ten he went to see his grandparents because of his asthma. After he visted his grandparents, he went home and wanted to build a museum. He built the museum and named it the Natural History Museum. When he grew up he went to Harvard College and became one of the best Presidents of the United States.
I would rate this book a five star book because it tells stories of many of Teddy's adventures. My favorite part was when Teddy went to New York with he's grandparents[He went to visit hi's grandparents when he was ten].My least favorite part was when they went to Egypt because it was not a very interesting part. You should read this book because he was a great President.

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