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Alec - Bone - Ghost Circles
by:Jeff Smith
Wiki-tastic: WWWW
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This book is about three cousins that are Fone bone, Phony bone, and Smily bone. They found a friend with thier long journey and thier friends name is Thorn , Grandma Ben . On their long journey they fight rat creatures on the way. There are vein - yan warriors to protect the villagers from rat creatures . Thorn is a vein - yan warrior same with Grandma Ben . There is another rat creature named Kingdok . Kingdok was destroying the moutian and he all ready destroyed the valley where Thorn , grandma Ben lived . The Bones lived at Bonevillie but they got ran out of town because of Phony bone . The rat creatures were having a war against the vein yan warriors but Thorn and grandma wasn't there . Thorn and Grandma Ben were with Fone bone , Phony bone , Smily bone . They were fighting Kingdok because they wanted to save the valley . Find out if Fone bone , Phony bone , Smily bone , Thorn or Grandma Ben are going to go in ghost circles or not find out which one they do.
I think this is a good book because it is very exciting and you never know when you are going to walk right in to a ghost circle . One of my least favorite parts is when the Bones never knew about ghost circles until Thorn told them about them . My favorite part was when Fone bone was dreaming and he was in the middle of the ocean and he went down below the water and the great red dragon swallowed him . I think it is a five star book and I think you should read this book because it is a great book with alot of action and alot of ghost circles .

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