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I Survived The Sinking of the Titantic
by: Lauren Tarshis
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The Titanic was sinking! 19 hours earlier then 2 o'clock. George heard there was an Egyptian princess mummy on board in a crate. At night while Aunt Daisy and Pheobe were sleeping George got out of bed to find the mummy. Then he went back to his room. He heard someone knocking on the door. When George got out of bed to open the door there was Henry saying" We have hit an iceburg". So Aunt Daisy went to wake up Pheobe but she was not there! So George and Aunt Daisy went to go find Pheobe.
I liked this story. I like it because it gives you some facts about the Titanic that was the biggest ship in the world. I also like when George goes out to find the mummy when a man was watching him. I think it was nice for Pheobe to go find George but I think it is sad that Pheobe got lost. My favorite part was when Marco went hugging George and Enzo got Marco to stop hugging George.

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