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Who Was Helen Keller?
by: Gare Thompson
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Helen Keller is a girl who was born perfectly but then before she was 2 years old she had a terrible fever! Then her terrible fever broke. Then when her father rang the bell for dinner everybody in the family came except for Helen. Her mother wondered why. After dinner while Helen's mother was bathing Helen, she moved her hand in front of Helen's face. Hellen did not blink. When Helen's mother noticed she was deaf and blind she took her to the doctor. Helen went to a lot of doctors. One of the doctors said there might be someone to help you named Annie. Helen sometimes throws these tantrums. Read this book to find out what Annie does
to help Helen.
I like this book because it tells you about a famous person that was deaf and blind. This book gets exciting when you read page number 5. I thnk it is sad when Helen wrote a story and there was a book that was just the same. There was a man in the story named Mr. Anagos and his friendship with Helen . They were no longer friends. At the end of the story I feel happy. An interesting fact I know about Helen is she came to my grandpa's graduation and spoke out loud.

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