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The Life Cycle of a Bird
by:Bobbie Kalman
Wiki-tastic: WWWW
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This book tells you how you can help birds and what they do. They tell you their life cycle and what birds do to get a mate. Birds lay camouflaged eggs. The shells of camoflaged eggs have colors or patterns that blend in with their nests. A birds home includes more than a nest. A nest must be in a habitat with the right food, weather, and shelter. Read this book to find out what some people do to help the birds.
I like this book because it teaches you to help animals but to help mostly birds and what they do. A male emperor penguin, incabutes an egg by resting it on its feet, by the cold ground. Birds are animals that we have to take care of because they are part of our enviroment. Do not throw anything on the floor or in the water because a bird could get hurt in the trash and die. Birds are living things that we have to keep healthy and not cut down their homes. If you want to help the birds, read this book to help make stuff for the birds. Don't cut down the trees and help the birds please!

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