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Bad Dog, Marley!
by: John Grogan
Wiki-tastic: WWWW
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This story is about a yellow lab who is very naughty. Marley lives with mom, dad, cassie, and Baby Louie. Marley eats a choclate cake that is hidden on top of the refridgerator while Baby Louie is watching. He chews the sofa, pillows, and carpeting. You should read this book to find out how Marley saves the day.
I like this story because Marley does a lot of bad things but then in the story sometime Marley does something good. I think it is sad when Marley gets scared and dad yells at Marley. My favorite part is when Marley chews up the sofa and pillow and it looks like a snow tornado. My favorite charactor is Marley. I dislike when Marley gets scared.

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bad dog marley
bad dog marley