Wikitastic Book Review
Book Title: All Those Secrets of the World

Author: Jane Yolen

Rating: Wiki-rific:WWW

Number of Pages: 28

Summary: This story is about a 4 year-old Janie whose dad went to war. She goes with her family to chesapeake bay area to say goodbye during WWII. Later her cousin Micheal takes her to the baech to play in the dirty water.He teaches Janie that things look smaller when they are far away. You'll need to read this book to find out how Janie uses this secret two years later.

Opinion You should read this book because I like when Micheal teaches Janie how things look smaller far away. I like how the illistrator draws the boat really big so it looks like it is a real boat. My favorite part is when baby steve says "get of my mommy".

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